New mode for multitasking in iOS with GridSwitcher

At the beginning, iOS devices, such as the iPhone could not run more than one application at a time , so we said that the iOS system did not have the possibility of multitasking.

Some time later, Cupertino’s included the possibility of multitasking in his iOS system which was accessed by a double press of the Home button.

New mode for multitasking in iOS with GridSwitcher
New mode for multitasking in iOS with GridSwitcher

With the arrival of iOS 7, the concept of managing applications that are running in multitasking has been slightly modified .

While to access the applications that are open is still a double-click on the Home button , the multitasking is now displayed in full screen mode and not simply in a bar at the bottom of the screen as before.

When we double-click on the Home button, the applications that are open appear in an orderly list with an image of each of them .

With the tweak GridSwitcher we will be able to modify the behaviour of the multitasking screen so that the images of the applications that are open are ordered in a grid.

After installing GridSwitcher we will no longer have a single-row screen with all the applications in the background but there will be, in the case of the iPad, three rows and three columns with a total of nine open application windows. In the case of the iPhone we will see two rows and two columns.

The process that the user must follow to close applications from the multitasking screen is the same as the one now performed, i.e. by sliding one finger up.

The tweak GridSwitcher is available on Cydia from the BigBoss repository for $1.50.

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