My PC doesn’t recognize my iPhone. What do I do?

iTunes itself is already giving us a lot of headaches , especially when it’s the official version for Windows, where frozen screens and crashing are so regular that you get used to it. Sometimes our PC (for those of us who have it) stops reading the iPhone in iTunes for some reason, causing real problems if you don’t have any means to solve it; in Apple 51 we will give you a clear solution, in case this happens to you or if you have the necessary resources to undertake the daring.

iTunes is the default content manager of our Apple smartphone, player or tablet, its use is allowed through a computer, the same one you connect your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to and acts as a mediator between the computer and the iDevice . This is why its correct functioning is essential, given the importance of the iDevice in the use of the device.

Make your iPhone functional again in iTunes for PC

My PC doesn’t recognize my iPhone. What do I do?
My PC doesn’t recognize my iPhone. What do I do?

iPhone connected to iTunes

First, the problem is usually caused by installing a driver that, although compatible with the device, is not the one Apple signs, causing it to be replaced. To fix this, we will force the reinstallation of the original driver:

  • The first thing we’ll do is keep the device connected
  • Then we enter the Device Manager, mode we can enter by right clicking on the icon of my pc ; properties ; device manager, we must go to where it is marked as Apple iPhone. On the name we make right click of the mouse and choose in Update driver software
  • In the next screen we must choose the second option (search for driver software in the equipment) then we select the second option or choose from a list of drivers in the equipment
  • That’s when we press the button Use disk ; Examine ;
  • After that, all that’s left is to type the following path depending on where iTunes is installed. In my case it’s located in the C disk, so the path I’ll use is: C:Program Files (or program files)Common FilesAppleMobile Device SupportDrivers
  • We selected the file usbaapl64.inf and from there, you should already get a correct functioning of your mobile on the PC.

It should be noted that the procedure explained here, has been followed step by step by me , obtaining favorable results in my case; waiting for the success of my test to be replicated I say goodbye, not before wishing you a great day, dear reader.

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