My iPhoto library is corrupted: how can I fix it?

Tres trucos que te ayudarán a mantener iPhoto organizado y al día

Are you still white and shaking after iPhoto told you that your library is corrupt ? Don’t worry, in most cases this problem can be easily solved and it’s rare that we lose the data completely.

My iPhoto library is corrupted: how can I fix it?
My iPhoto library is corrupted: how can I fix it?

The fact is that the use of libraries for the organization of our archives is very comfortable, although we can also have problems like this one in which the library is inaccessible from the program and therefore we cannot do anything with it. To try to solve this problem, just follow these steps:

To display the maintenance options you only need to press and hold the “cmd+height” keys while opening iPhoto. The program will show you four maintenance options:

  • Repairing permits.
  • Rebuild miniatures.
  • Repair database.
  • Rebuild database.

If none of them work, don’t despair that an iPhoto or iTunes library is simply a closed file structure where your data is copied. Right click on the library and select the option “show package content” .

This way you can access the content of the library, copy all the files (music or photos) you want to save, create a new one and simply import this information again. Logically you will lose lists, notes… etc but the files will be preserved.

In the case of iTunes, the same trick will allow us to open the program in ” safe mode ” that is, disabling any extras that have modified any component of the program.

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