Modify the Launchpad wallpaper effect


Like that hidden option for Mission Control, the new operating system also includes a similar option for Launchpad . In this case the hidden option is the possibility to modify the effect applied to our wallpaper to show the icons of the programs. In total we have four different options.

  • Default layout, in which some blur is applied to the current wallpaper.
  • Unchanged wallpaper. The next option allows us to remove the blur and show only the wallpaper.
  • By default but in B&W. Same design as the default model but in black and white.
  • Unchanged but in B&W. Again the second option, wallpaper without blurring, but in this case in black and white.
Modify the Launchpad wallpaper effect
Modify the Launchpad wallpaper effect

To activate these functions you must press the key combination “cmd+b” and with each press you will change the effect of the wallpaper.

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