Modbook Pro X returns to turn Macbook Pro Retina into a tablet


Modbook is a name that may not sound like many, but if we say that they are the ones behind the idea of turning Macbook into tablet more than one of them may have the light bulb turned on. More than two years ago they presented their second model called Modbook Pro, which converted a Macbook from that time into a tablet. Today it has come to light that they’re back on track, this time with the Modbook Pro X , a conversion of the current Macbook Pro Retina into a tablet.

Modbook Pro X returns to turn Macbook Pro Retina into a tablet
Modbook Pro X returns to turn Macbook Pro Retina into a tablet

The idea is as simple to say as it is complicated to execute: these guys manage to adapt a Macbook Pro retina and turn it into a tablet . They do this through complex engineering designs that remove the keyboard from the original Macbook Pro, incorporate all the components behind the screen and include a touch screen above the retina that Cupertino’s laptops now have. They were currently selling the 2012 Macbook conversion, but are now looking for funding from Kickstarter for this new project .

As you can see in the video, the adaptation of the Macbook Pro to a kind of tablet is joined by a desktop stand with a keyboard and a high precision pointer with which you can draw perfectly on the screen of this Modbook Pro X. The interesting thing about the product is that we would have a product with the power of the Macbook Pro retina as a tablet , thus achieving some features that perhaps demanding users such as digital artists need when making their works.

The cheap stuff is not. Although they are asking for funding (they say they need 150,000 dollars to start production), to get a new Modbook Pro X we would need to contribute 4,000 dollars , an amount that I personally think is excessive, since for much less we can get an iPad with a pointer or, if we need some more power, a Macbook Air with a graphics tablet that gives us practically the same mobility as this Modbook Pro X.

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