MobilePro, iMac stand with VESA mount

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With the option of being able to configure the new iMac with a VESA mount for many, the option of being able to configure the computer together with other displays in a more ergonomic way returns. Using supports such as Bretford .

MobilePro, iMac stand with VESA mount
MobilePro, iMac stand with VESA mount

The MobilePro stand allows us to adjust and articulate the iMac in any position thanks to its arm. Whether in height, depth, tilt, and vertical or horizontal orientation. You can also add a second arm to hold a second display or even a laptop stand for easy alignment.

Capable of supporting equipment up to a maximum of 14 kg , a channel to organize the cables and a good manufacturing quality make this accessory a product to be considered. Of course, its price is not excessively economical 199.95 euros.

The same manufacturer has an arm to place on the wall that also allows you to place a computer (iMac, Cinema Display, etc.) that weighs no more than 14 kg. And allows mobility capable of placing the Mac in the most comfortable way to work at all times.

The above two options are not the only ones. We can find different solutions from a variety of manufacturers on the market. For example, in most shopping malls you will find wall brackets for flat TVs. As long as the anchor is VESA or includes an adapter to adapt to the size of the VESA standard used by the Appe’s adapter will be good to place our equipment on the wall

Depending on the materials, finishes and other options, we can get a lower or higher price. Although if we want a good support to place on the desk then the prices will be very even.

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