Mixbit, the new bet for the creation of micro videos

Video is fashionable, or rather micro-videos. Both applications like Vine or the recent inclusion of video recording and publishing on Instagram are gaining users every day. Now comes a new bet, a twist or mix of interesting ideas called Mixbit .

Mixbit is the new creation of Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, both co-founders of Youtube. Its basic operation is simple, we can record clips of up to 16 seconds . Okay, one second more than Instagram and eleven more than Vine but it’s not that second that stands out from Mixbit. The application includes a curious and interesting social aspect in equal parts: we can use and mix other users’ videos.

Mixbit, the new bet for the creation of micro videos
Mixbit, the new bet for the creation of micro videos

With these premises, the idea of the application is to share our videos with other users so that they can enjoy watching them as well as use them in their own creations. So that a “good content” can be improved with the inclusion of another. Or at least serve to make fun compilations like those that already invade Youtube.

Using Mixbit for iOS

With the idea of how Mixbit works it’s time to get down to business. The application has no great mystery, when we open it a small tutorial will appear if it’s the first time and if not we’ll go directly to a screen where the latest creations are shown. To create our video we tap on the top right corner, on the + icon.

From that moment we will see the recording screen, the application recommends us to place the device in horizontal mode to record. In vertical mode it allows it but it makes a cut to the sensor and we lose quality. However, to go to the editing screen we will put the terminal back in horizontal mode.

To record, press and hold the screen and the video will be captured. Every time we lift our finger it will cut and create a new clip. Recorded as many as we want, with a maximum of 256 and 16 seconds per clip we go to the editor.

In the editor we can not only change the order of the clips but also trim (adjust the duration of each clip by cutting at the beginning or end), we can even duplicate the clips. When you finish we save and publish in our Mixbit account and share the video in social networks like Facebook or Twitter if we want.

We can add to our creations clips that we have saved from other users, action now only available from the browser and not from the iOS app.

Vine, Instagram and Mixbit

Although there are other applications such as Vyclone seems Vine, Instagram and Mixbit will be the most prominent alternatives. Not that there are many differences between the three, despite the difference in recording time. The idea is the same: share small clips, most of them very casual, spontaneous and without big worries about framing, lighting, etc.

Which one will be the king? Well, it’s hard to say. I came here because of its simplicity, it’s only 5 seconds but sometimes more than enough. Instagram has the advantage of a large user base but it is true that low quality is being seen and can ruin timelines of users who do make good photos but bad videos. And Mixbit has just arrived but that power to use other people’s clips I think is going to like a lot .


Likewise, for now and without knowing what the intentions will be in the future, there is no search engine or user profile. Therefore, everything is a bit crazy. Anyway, we will see how it progresses and what impact it has on users.

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