Mini Metro in App Store

Mini Metro, the great metro simulator, is now available on iPhone and iPad.

– One of the best of the App Store 2016

Mini Metro in App Store
Mini Metro in App Store

– Mac game of the year in over 30 countries
– Nominated for the BAFTA award
– Winner of the IGF award

– Nominated by IGN for best mobile game of the year

– One of the best mobile games of 2016 according to Gamespot

Mini Metro is a game in which you will design the underground network of a growing city. Draw lines between the different stations and start your trains. Make your routes efficient and modify them as new stations open. Decide how to use your limited resources. How long will you be able to keep the city running at full capacity?

– The growth of the city will be random, so every game will be unique!
– Twenty real cities in which to test your management skills.
– Numerous improvements to shape your metro network.
– Normal mode for quick games to score points, Infinity to relax and Peak Time to enjoy the maximum challenge.
– Compete in daily challenges against users from all over the world.
– Night mode and colour-blind mode
– A soundtrack, created by Disasterpeace, that will be created to the rhythm of your subway network.

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