MindNode 2, the most powerful tool for creating mind maps

When it comes to organizing almost any project, mind mapping is always a good option. But making a mind map can be a torture to make it clean and well ordered, unless you have a good application for it. MindNode is a good example of this, and we’ve tested it with MindNode 2 for Mac.

MindNode 1 was released about seven years ago, a first version that was already excellent, however, times are changing and so are needs, which is why a few weeks ago MindNode 2 for Mac was released, an update that although it is a paid upgrade, brings a redesign of the interface and important new features in the application.

MindNode 2, the most powerful tool for creating mind maps
MindNode 2, the most powerful tool for creating mind maps

The first thing we highlight in MindNode 2 is its adaptation to the style of OS X YosemiteEl Capitan, i.e. an application that makes use of the system’s transparencies and extensions. But it doesn’t stop there, it offers new features to make creating mind maps simple and convenient.

Outline and Inspector for better organization

Outline is the legacy feature of the iOS version. This is a side menu that shows all the nodes we have created in the form of subheadings. Here we can create new nodes, edit them or reorganise them. We also have the option to search between the nodes, which makes creating the maps from here quick and easy, ideal if we have very extensive maps where viewing nodes is tedious.

On the other hand we find the Inspector, which basically fulfills the same functions as the inspectors of other Apple apps such as Pages. Here we can edit the features of the map, the node we’re editing or the content itself. Characteristic like the color, the typography or the style of the elements so that we can visualize in a more comfortable way what is shown in the map.

Stickers to make everything more visual

A curious function we found is the possibility of adding stickers on the map. These stickers are default in the program, so we won’t be able to create or modify them ourselves, although they’re quite a good guide and will help us see at a glance what each node is about.

Notes on the nodes to make them more detailed

Personally, it’s the option I liked the most. If we click on a node we can add a comment to it, which will be a text or a link. This is ideal for simply putting the keywords into the node and within the comment the more detailed information about the node.

Named node connections

If we want to link nodes it’s as simple as adding an arrow to join the two nodes, but if we want to put the link in context and make sense of it we can add a short description to the link so that we can understand why the nodes are linked.

Better distribution of nodes

Another new feature that I liked the most is the possibility of changing the way the nodes are organized. Until now, they were automatically ordered as we created them, in a radial fashion. Now we can tell you that all the nodes go to the right or to the left, ideal for creating conceptual schemes.

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MyMindNode to share your maps

If you want to save the map to show it to someone you can always export it to PDF, but this way you lose all the interactivity of the map. That’s why MindNode 2 allows us to export to MyMindNode, a service online where we can save and share mind maps so that anyone can interact with them.


In general we are facing a very powerful and complete application. If you usually work with projects or need to organize different themes using an application like MindNode should be mandatory. The possibilities it offers are immense and the maps come up almost automatically, we simply have to feed them with content.

Its price is almost 30 euros, -if you hurry you can get it for about 20 euros, as they offer a 33% discount for its launch- a bit high but the experience and satisfaction of the users support it. It’s simple, if you use mind maps you won’t regret buying it, if you do it out of curiosity, the application is simply not for you.


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