Microsoft Office apps finally support iOS files

iOS Files is the new app introduced by Apple with iOS 11. Microsoft

Since the last update of Word, Excel and the rest of the apps of the Office suite also have full support .

Microsoft Office apps finally support iOS files
Microsoft Office apps finally support iOS files

Does this mean that until now you could not open .docx and .xml files from the Files app? No, but now the process has been simplified and improved . Since the last update, the files are opened directly in the Word, Excel or file app. Previously iOS Files opened a copy of the file in the app, not the file itself.

The difference is essential, now we will no longer have to duplicate documents , because the compatibility is absolute and therefore the whole process of editing a document from Files is much faster. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Files app and navigate to a folder where you have an Office document you want to edit.
  2. In the Share options choose ‘Open in WordExcelpowerPoint’
  3. Edit the document in the corresponding app and save it again.

Remember that Office for iOS is a free service , as long as the device on the job is less than 10.1 inches. This means that the basic edition in Office apps is free on the iPhone but you will have to pay a license on the iPad, otherwise you will only be able to use the app in read mode.

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