Microsoft CEO Makes Some Very Machistic Statements

According to Microsoft’s CEO, the woman is asking for a raise with no good karma

Satya Nadella, the CEO of the company Microsoft, has made a statement saying that women who do not ask for a salary increase can be trusted and will have good luck in what they do . But he not only said something that was totally out of place but he chose the worst of the auditoriums to do it: he did it in the middle of a conference that paid tribute to the women in the world of computing , at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in Arizona.

The sad reality is that in most countries, women earn less than men even though they have more or equal responsibilities and more or equal training to perform the job. The United States is no exception to this and, in the face of Nadella’s response, the audience did not react in the best possible way (as is normal).

Microsoft CEO Makes Some Very Machistic Statements
Microsoft CEO Makes Some Very Machistic Statements

After complaints from the whole audience and social networks about such a statement, the CEO of Microsoft wrote in his Twitter account that he had been “inarticulate on the issue of how a woman should ask for a salary increase”. As one person on Twitter asked him “Are you saying in some way that women should trust the system that created corruption?” . Nadella did not answer anymore.

Misguided statements in a bad place

But on top of that they also asked her “What advice would you give to women who are interested in advancing their career but are not comfortable asking for a raise” and her answer was “it’s not really about asking for a raise but knowing and having faith that the system will eventually give you the raise as you move forward. Women who don’t ask for a raise have ‘super power’ because not asking for a raise is good karma, which will come back… that’s the kind of person I want to trust.

As Time points out, in contrast to what Nadella had stated, the moderator of the talk, Maria Klawe (member of the Board of Directors of Microsoft) reacted immediately by saying that women should ask for what they deserve and that “they should not be stupid like me, who when I was hired as Dean of Engineering at Princeton University found out that I was earning $50,000 less per year than I should”.

As we have already said, since Nadella’s unfortunate comments were shared, many users have lambasted him on their social networks. The truth is that the statements of Microsoft’s CEO have not been at all accurate and much less in the middle of the 21st century where women play a very important role in society and where gender equality is more present than ever.

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