Microphones for using the iPhone as a recorder

Most of us use the iPhone to take pictures or record video, but few make use of its audio recording feature. But in some cases it can be very useful to have the Apple phone as if it were a voice recorder. The problem is that the quality of the built-in microphone is fine for holding a conversation or taking a quick voice memo. If you’re looking for slightly higher quality audio, then an external microphone is best. Let’s see some mics for use with the iPhone

  • IM2 Tascam is the first option. An accessory that we already talked about at Apple and that boasts the best audio quality. Capable according to the manufacturer’s specifications of capturing sound levels of up to 125 decibels. It connects directly to the iPhone’s audio input. Its price is 79 euros.
  • Belkin LiveAction Mic is another option. This is a hookstick microphone accessory that can record audio in a directional or super-directional way.
  • Amplified lavalier microphone plus adapter Exactly, any clip-on microphone with a 3.5mm jack connection that is amplified will do. The only thing you’ll need to keep in mind is that you’ll need an adapter. The function of this adapter will be to bring the signal of the microphone to the exact contact within the audio connection of the iPhone. This changes the order of the channels as we saw in Apple. Therefore, you can either buy an adapter of those who already sell or with a little patience make it yourself or you do it in an electronics store.
  • Apogee Mic, a microphone that can be connected either to your iOS device via the 30-pin connector or directly to your Mac via a USB cable. A very versatile product with good audio quality. The only downside for some is perhaps its price – $199.

It will depend on the needs, if you want to use the iPhone as an audio recorder in meetings, conferences, … or if on the contrary you will use it only at home and for specific activities. My two options are these:

  • If you need to connect a quality microphone I think the best one is iRig Pre. The XLR connection interface will allow us to connect any kind of microphone. Both to record our voice and as a pole type.
  • If you want to record audio from a person or yourself while recording at a long distance or with higher quality, the use of an adapter and a mid-range lapel microphone can be economical and the quality is good.
Microphones for using the iPhone as a recorder
Microphones for using the iPhone as a recorder

Now it’s your turn to decide. And if you know or have a better option, don’t hesitate to comment on it. I’m sure that this topic will interest more than one video enthusiast, podcaster as well as journalism students or professionals. Of course all this is equally applicable to the iPad and iPod Touch.

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