Michael Pallad joins the ranks of Apple

iTunes Radio was a music service that premiered on iOS 7, but has not yet reached our country. Apple is not powering up all that it should . At the moment, we have no news about when it might arrive in Spain.

Well, just today we learned that Cupertino’s company has hired Michael Pallad, the executive who will be in charge of advertising and advertisers for iTunes Radio throughout 2014 . He comes from Cumulus Media, where he was vice president of sales, and will now be in the international division of iTunes Radio.

Michael Pallad joins the ranks of Apple
Michael Pallad joins the ranks of Apple

He has been in Apple’s offices for a few days now, specifically since December 2, where he is being trained. It is not confirmed, but it is quite certain that Pallad will leave the offices of his former company. Apple, as always, has refused to make any statements, but Michael will join the iAd team, which is led by Todd Teresi .

Cupertino is set to bet harder on iTunes Radio from now on, and is expected to earn up to $1.6 billion . This will only be possible thanks to Michael.

Let’s remember that the first advertisers of iTunes Radio were Nissan, Pepsi and Procter & Gamble, with both audio and video commercials appearing every 10th song. But these agreements end at the end of the year, so Apple is already putting together a plan for the next few months .

Nissan’s marketing director acknowledged that the iTunes Radio ads had worked much better than expected , but refused to provide any figures. In its first month, the service attracted 20 million people who listened to 1 billion songs. Pandora only got 72.4 million users in the same period of time.

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