Merging Faces of People in iOS 10 Photos

One of the many new features of iOS 10 is the introduction of facial recognition in the native application . This technology automatically scans each photo on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to determine who is a person, and assigns the faces to each contact.

The facial recognition of Photos in iOS 10 automatically creates photo albums with the name “People” and “Autophoto”. Additionally, and if you have location enabled, the application also creates a “Places” album with all the sites you have visited.

Merging Faces of People in iOS 10 Photos
Merging Faces of People in iOS 10 Photos

Unfortunately, iOS 10 facial recognition does not always work properly , and this is because some people change their hairstyle, wear sunglasses, gain weight, have shadows appear on the photo, or simply grow a beard.

As a result, several people are created with the same face. Fortunately, it is easy to correct this problem in the iOS 10 Photos app . And today we’ll explain how to unify the faces identified for a single contact.

1. Open the Photos application.

2. Access the Albums tab.

3. Tap the album People.

4. Press the “Select” button.

5. Click on each of the faces you want to merge.

6. Then select the option “Merge”.

7. Confirm the action.

8. Repeat the process as many times as you wish.

After completing this simple tutorial all the photos of the same person’s face will appear in one album . When you enter a contact’s album you will be able to see all their photos in a beautifully designed user interface.

Moreover, in this album, you can even play a nice video with music of all the pictures of each person. Finally, in iOS 10 Cupertino’s company also included the “Memories” section in Photos, where you can have a look at all the photos and videos by date and location. Good for Apple!

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