Meet GUMCAM, the most active Mac User Group

Since July 13, 2012 there is in Madrid the GUMCAM (the MAC user group of the Autonomous Community of Madrid. Although that day was not exactly the day the group was formed, it was their first meeting.

The GUMCAM is a Club of technology fans specifically from Apple but since its existence it has not only been satisfied with opening all the official Apple stores in this city and some in the rest of Spain, but they also follow the path of one of the pillars of computer science at the product level.

Meet GUMCAM, the most active Mac User Group
Meet GUMCAM, the most active Mac User Group

Whenever I walk down the street I see a lot of people with Apple products and while they don’t necessarily have to be fans like me of the brand, I’m sure they’d love to belong to this club, not only because of the obvious, but because we have a Telegram group , rather than being members we’ve become friends. Although I already had some experience (by profession) in the world of computers in terms of hardware, software, products, trends among others, I must admit that with this group I have learned a lot but not only because they share the same hobbies that you may have, but we all have different professions and based on the needs of each, the products of the apple have been adapted to them. For this and many more reasons, an infinite range of ideas, doubts and even inconveniences coexist, which we share on a daily basis and whose results and suggestions benefit us all. (Antonio Quevedo, President of GUMCAM)

The group organizes monthly activities related to technology exclusively for members, but from time to time we decided to make invitations to publicize the association, and as we would say the most “crazy of the place” promote the word of Jobs. We are more than 200 members, the majority of whom are in Madrid, but the rest are in other cities in Spain and in other countries that enjoy the activities thanks to the live transmission (streaming).

And since they are not satisfied with just enjoying an activity, after that there is always time to eat hamburgers in the best places in Madrid, as well as to see the Apple Keynotes, and why not, also left unofficially .

If you want to belong to this great group here you can get to know us better and join us, of course, you also have all the information on our website .

Text written by GUMCAM itself

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