Manage Your Passwords with the RoboForm iPad App

RoboForm para iPad

The RoboForm application for iPad, now available on the App Store, allows us to manage our passwords completely free of charge.

Manage Your Passwords with the RoboForm iPad App
Manage Your Passwords with the RoboForm iPad App

RoboForm is able to memorize our passwords and automatically access websites that ask for a password without having to type in the username and password. Stored passwords are encrypted, so security is maximized.

We no longer have to enter the same information over and over again, as RoboForm will do it for us. It works very simply: we pre-configure in the application all our data , mail, names, addresses, passwords, etc. Once this is done, RoboForm will detect when there is a form in the browser and show us a small window to give us the possibility to fill it in automatically. RoboForm supports multiple user profiles and we can password protect them.

The application works with a integrated RoboForm account which is free to register and which will allow us to synchronize our passwords from the iPad or from any networked laptop or desktop computer. This way we can always have our passwords synchronized, on whatever device we’re using. We can register for the RoboForm account, download this application from the App Store and use this exciting iPad application.

At the moment we cannot make changes to the stored passwords in RoboForm, but the next update will include this function as well.

The RoboForm app for iPad is now available on the App Store for free.

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