Make phone calls from your Mac easier with CallPad

CallPad : Make Phone CallsEn Apple
The incorporation of Handoff to the Apple ecosystem, has made the interaction between iOS and OS X easier for those of us who use both systems in our daily lives, since among the benefits we have is being able to make calls from the Mac using our phone line on the iPhone.

To make use of this feature we need to open FaceTime which becomes a little complicated because the application is not 100% designed for voice calls, so we have seen how developers have taken advantage of this lack to launch applications that make our lives easier like DockPhone and now CallPad.

Make phone calls from your Mac easier with CallPad
Make phone calls from your Mac easier with CallPad

CallPad works in a simple and effective way , it was even the first application to offer the possibility to dial a phone number from the Mac when Yosemite was still in beta and that made it win several followers.

Now its developers announce the update to version 1.2 which incorporates improvements in performance, in the aesthetics of the application, new favorites section and most importantly, a widget that will make us have that numeric pad always at our fingertips within the Notification Center.

Remember that to use this application we must have Yosemite on the Mac with Bluetooth LE, as well as iOS 8 on our iPhone, in addition to enabling the same iCloud account on both devices.

At first, thanks to the success of the application, the developers decided to charge for it, but now it’s back for a limited time because of the holidays and the new update, so if you want to try out one of the best and easiest applications for making calls from the Mac, now’s a good time to download it.


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