Make money with Qustodian

Tired of having your favourite TV show or film cut off for commercials? Are you an advertising hater? With Qustodian you will change your mind radically and start to love a little more those ads that make you so tired. From now on, thanks to Qustodian, you will be financially rewarded for swallowing ads you end up watching on TV. Find out how you can do it.

Advertising is designed to attract customers and, as a consequence, increase the profits of companies that leave significant amounts of money to publish their products. When you hear the word “advertisement”, you think of the long period of time that the television networks leave in the breaks of their series or programs and you usually think that it is annoying to have to swallow so many advertisements. Well, gentlemen, it is comforting to say that you can change your mind today thanks to Qustodian .

What is Qustodian?

Make money with Qustodian
Make money with Qustodian

Can you imagine being paid to watch advertising? That’s the concept that the creators of Qustodian have used to program their application. As simple as watching advertisements to earn short amounts of money that, at the same time, can become something important. As if charging wasn’t enough, they allow you to see the ads when you need to, without forcing you.

Qustodian is an iOS application available only for the iPhone , as it requires a mobile network to be operational. Its interface is very clean, with ads concentrated in the central area of the window and personal information at the bottom.

Registration and use

Once downloaded, we’ll be invited to register. Seeing that they ask you for your phone number can be shocking, but they only need it to verify that your terminal is a mobile device with an operational network and its particular active data rate . Once the bureaucratic process has been completed, we will go in to squeeze the maximum possible performance.

Using it is very simple. Click on an ad to see it . These can be written or Youtube videos, and the catalogue of possibilities is very extensive: from book or jewellery ads to console games or cinema films. Even the Qustodian team announces improvements that can be useful for you to develop better for the application and get more money.

Once we have seen the advertisement, we have different options presented at the bottom of the screen. The envelope with an arrow will take us back to the main window. ” T&C ” is the profit indicator for displaying the ad. The sad face serves to express your dissatisfaction with what you have seen and to prevent the Qustodian team from sending you ads in that category in the future. Finally, by clicking on ” Next ” we will access the advertiser’s website if available.

In the main interface, apart from the ” Messages ” to see announcements, the ” Coupons ” promotions we can receive from Qustodian or the ” Information ” of the app, we find two key options:


My Yoad : Here is the updated total of the ad revenues seen so far. From here you can access the customization of Qustodian by clicking on the web link that appears. It is very important to enter to configure our tastes to receive ads tailored to our needs. Although think that the greater the range of possibilities, the better.

Invite : This is where we should be most attentive. As the name implies, your task is to allow us to invite all our friends who have a smartphone to use Qustodian . This is very useful, because if we manage to add people to this ad network, we will be rewarded for each ad our friend sees . Following the logic, the more guests using Qustodian, the more we get out of the application. Therefore, take full advantage of inviting and be generous if you don’t have the application and receive an invitation from someone else.

How do I receive advertising?

It is very important to know that the application runs under a data rate and that we will never be charged any supplement on our phone bill .

By means of push notifications we will be notified of new material to see within the application. As we said, we have total freedom to see them when necessary. They usually arrive between one and two ads per day paid at 0.02 or 0.08 euros each .

How to get benefits

Once we have seen dozens of advertisements and reaped the benefits of the work that our invited friends have done, we can exercise our right to collect via Paypal or bank transfer. The only drawback is that in order to carry out the operation we must have a minimum of 10 euros to transfer .

At Qustodian, transfers are made at the end of the week. If the transaction is made through Paypal, the deposit will be immediate . If made by bank transfer, it can take a minimum of 24h to 48h to complete.

If we wish, we have the option to give all our benefits to Non-Governmental Organizations associated with Qustodian.


Watch ads and get paid for it. Invite friends to receive income when they see advertising. When your balance has reached £10, withdraw it and enter it in your Paypal account or ask for a bank transfer. Whichever way you look at it, you only get paid.


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