Logic Remote en App Store

Logic Remote is an app that accompanies Logic Pro X and GarageBand on the Mac, and offers the ability to extend the creative power of Logic or GarageBand using the iPad or iPhone in an innovative way. Designed to take full advantage of Multi-Touch technology, Logic Remote provides new ways to record, mix, and even play instruments from anywhere in the room by turning your iPad or iPhone* into a flexible touch instrument, transport control, and mixing desk.

Playing Logic instruments>br>
– Play any Logic instrument using the typical keyboard of a piano or the fretboard of a guitar.
– Mark the rhythm with percussion pads or a drum kit.
– Activate cells or change scenes to control Live Loops.
– Apply remix effects to individual tracks or to the entire song.
– Use the scale mode to limit the notes to match the key of your song.
– Click and strum entire chords with the chord strip display.
– Make simple or abrupt changes to sounds with Smart Controls.
– Add the Arpeggiator module to any instrument.

Logic Remote en App Store
Logic Remote en App Store

Browse Logic projects
– It uses basic transport controls such as start, stop, record and cycle.
– Slide the LCD screen or the bar ruler to move to any location.

– Select and go to any bookmark of a Logic project
– Control the recordings on the Mac from another room.
– Explore the sound library and change patches remotely.
– Activate the smart help and place the cursor on the elements of the Mac interface to see the documentation on the iPad.
– Remotely activate Logic keyboard commands using customizable buttons.

Mixing Logic sessions

– Use Multi-Touch gestures to adjust the volume, pan, solo and mute controls of the mixer.

– Slide your finger to scroll or jump from one bank to another to navigate the mixer faders.

– Use the level meter strip to check levels and identify saturations.
– Activates and modifies the automation modes of each fader.

– Models the tone of the tracks using Multi-Touch gestures with the Visual Equalizer.
– The module display provides access to the parameters of the Logic or Audio Units modules.

*Smart Controls, sound library navigation, Smart Help, full mixer, and access to module controls are only available on the iPad.

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