Little Snitch upgrades to version 3.0: In Depth

Little Snitch is one of the must-have applications I’ve always installed on every Mac I’ve owned. The possibility of being informed of any attempt to connect to the internet made by the applications we have on our Mac is reason enough to do so. Today the news of a pre-release of Little Snitch 3 has just appeared on your website and it is full of new features.

The application also acts as a firewall, both from the applications we have installed and from the connections from the outside. We can assign rules to the applications to limit their Internet connection. And in this new version we have a new Network Monitor, with a totally black interface that suits you quite well.

Little Snitch upgrades to version 3.0: In Depth
Little Snitch upgrades to version 3.0: In Depth

A list of the main novelties:

  • New Network Monitor
  • Firewall for incoming connections
  • Profiles
  • Silent mode
  • Simplified connection alert
  • Firewall for incoming connections
  • Redesigned configuration interface
  • Rule Analyzer
  • Suggested rules
  • Classification of rules by precedence
  • Domain-based rules using Connection Alert
  • System processing rules
  • Request for rules
  • Time and multiple destination selection rules
  • Status menu improvements

When we install the application it will ask us to restart the computer. When we do this Little Snitch will start up and ask us about the programs we have open and what rules we want to add to them for their internet connections, as we can see below.

Here we can see the settings for Tweetbot, the Twitter client I currently use and which starts at the start of my Mac. So, for the programs that offer us confidence we will indicate that we always allow their connections for the ports and protocols that they usually use.

Although it is a little heavy to give permissions to applications, we will get to have total control over what connections are made to the Internet. The Network Monitor is a little gem in itself, which gives us information about what connections each of the applications running, as well as the volume of data received and transmitted by each of them.

Not only that, but in the usage chart, which is actually a timeline of all transmissions made, we will see which applications we have opened and how much data they have transmitted. We can also go with the mouse through the graph, offering all kinds of detailed information.

The Little Snitch configuration would give for several entries in Apple. But don’t worry, they’ve also thought of the less knowledgeable users to make such configuration as simple as possible.

In short, Little Snitch is a traditional firewall that also serves to see what connections originate in our computer. Thanks to the rules we set up, Little Snitch will perform the appropriate actions. It is very versatile and, as everything is configured by means of customized rules, it allows a total control of everything that happens in our computer as far as the network connection is concerned.


We can also download the application and test it for 3 hours in a fully functional way. Recommended.

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