List of iOS 12 compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Do you want to check if your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are compatible with iOS 12 ? No wonder, the list of new features included in the new version of the operating system is quite extensive.

Some of these new features are: major performance improvements on older devices, Siri Shortcuts, greater integration of Siri with third-party apps, improvements for Augmented Reality, new Voice Notes app and its arrival on the iPad, FaceTime video calls with up to 32 people simultaneously, Memojis, new Animoji, many improvements in Notifications…

List of iOS 12 compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
List of iOS 12 compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Well, we have good news, since Apple has taken very seriously the optimization part of the operating system and has achieved that devices launched in 2013 are still compatible with this new version of iOS.

No doubt something to be thankful for and that will make the users of iPhone 5s or iPad Mini 2 very happy. Bad tongues say that Apple applies programmed obsolescence to its devices, but personally I think this is further proof that this is not the case… It’s 2018 and smartphones from 2013 will be updated to the latest version of their operating system!

In short, if your device currently works with iOS 11, it will also work with iOS 12 and, moreover, it will work more smoothly thanks to the system optimization that Apple developers have implemented or at least that is what they assure from the company.

With this in mind, the list of iDevices compatible with iOS 12 looks like this:

iOS 12-compatible iPhone

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X

iPad with iOS 12 support

  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad mini 2
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad (2017)
  • iPad (2018)
  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro
  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro

iOS 12 compatible iPod

  • iPod touch 6th generation

As you can see the list of devices that can run iOS 12 is quite extensive and of course it will be expanded after summer when it becomes available with the new iPhone and iPad that Apple is expected to launch.

The release date of the final version of iOS 12 is not defined yet, we only know that it will be in sometime next September and that until then Apple will release several beta versions with which they will be correcting bugs, making the system more stable and, taking into account what happened in previous versions, adding new features.

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