Legrand presents Valena Next with Netatmo to control plugs and lights in your home with HomeKit

Legrand has just announced its new range of switches, plugs and other electrical accessories connected to HomeKit . At an event in Madrid, the company based in Limoges, France, has unveiled its vision for the connected home. One that involves incorporating connected wall solutions to replace traditional ones.

Switches and wall sockets with HomeKit

In Europe there are not many options when it comes to replacing traditional plugs and switches with others that are intelligent. At Apple we’ve tried those that plug into the sockets, but have the disadvantage that they stick out of the wall. It’s not always the ideal solution.

Legrand presents Valena Next with Netatmo to control plugs and lights in your home with HomeKit
Legrand presents Valena Next with Netatmo to control plugs and lights in your home with HomeKit

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Maybe that’s why Legrand has decided to get down to business. The industrial group has a strong presence on the world market for sockets and switches and wanted to take advantage of this to present a complete and varied range with connectivity . Specifically, these are the following products from the Valena Next family with Netatmo:

  • Wall socket (traditional plug).
  • Light switch.
  • Light switch with regulator.
  • Shutter switch.
  • Wireless command day and night.
  • General wireless command that turns off all lights at once.

The company has also created three finishes for each of these products: white, aluminium and black. And inside each one there are several finishes on the edges (as you can see in the picture, they are slightly raised).

Multiplatform functions, price and availability

As it usually happens in this type of domotic products, it is necessary to have a bridge or gateway that agglutinates the accessories and from which centralizes the orders . In the image on the top left, we have the bridge located above a connected power outlet. Simply place this bridge in place of a traditional one to control the other Legrand connected products.

The Valena Next range with Netatmo is the result of the acquisition of the latter by Legrand in November last year. Thanks to this combination, both companies of French origin have a very complete domotic portfolio with temperature, surveillance, lighting, electricity and environment monitoring solutions.

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This family of connected products is also compatible with Amazon’s Google Assistant and Alexa platforms, as well as with Siri , ensuring that they work with the voice assistants of the three major technology companies. About the prices, they are these:

  • Starter pack: 143 euros.
  • Lighting switch connected: 57 euros.
  • Wireless shutter control: 57 euros.

The company has not yet disclosed its plans in terms of availability . We understand that the market launch will take place in the coming months and that we will be able to buy them from the major distributors (Legrand does not sell directly to the public), although we have no further information on this. In spite of this, 2019 is going to be a very interesting year for HomeKit fans.

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