Learn how to restore your Apple Watch with the iBUS tool

If you have an Apple Watch and have tried to install the iOS 11 beta on it, you will have noticed that the device does not offer the possibility of restoring it to the latest stable version of iOS 10. Today at Apple 5×1 we explain how to do this by following the steps shown by a user on his YouTube channel, where a few hours ago he posted a video showing in detail how to return to an earlier version of the operating system. To do this, we must have three fundamental tools: an Apple Watch, an iBUS connector and a Mac.

What is an iBUS connector?

In order to restore our Apple Watch from iTunes it is necessary to have it connected to the computer, and as the lightning cable does not work for this device, we will need a special adapter to be able to carry out the task. A simple, but not cheap, way to connect the Apple Watch to the computer’s USB port is the iBUS connector, which is an adapter that allows you to connect the Apple Watch to a computer using a lightning cable.

Learn how to restore your Apple Watch with the iBUS tool
Learn how to restore your Apple Watch with the iBUS tool

This iBUS adapter allows us to connect our Apple Watch to the computer through a lightning cable.

As we said before, this tool is not exactly cheap, but just in case you want to encourage yourself to buy it, here is a page where for 100 dollars (88 euros approximately) this connector can be yours.

I already have everything I need, now I want to restore my Apple Watch

If you’ve finally decided to buy this useful tool, and you have an Apple Watch that you want to downgrade to a Mac, then it’s time to restore your watch. Below you can watch the video explaining the steps to follow:

In the video you can see how the user connects his Apple Watch to a Mac through an iBUS connector to perform a “downgrade” of his device and the steps that follow:

  • First we’ll have to remove the connector cover from our Apple Watch.
  • We then connect the Watch to the iBUS connector. In the video we see how, in addition, he adds two rubber bands to ensure that the device and the adapter are securely fastened.
  • Then connect the iBUS to the Mac using a standard lightning cable and put the Apple Watch into DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode. To enter this mode, simply press and hold the side button and the digital crown simultaneously for ten seconds. After this time, release the side button and in a few seconds the Apple Watch will be in DFU mode, allowing you to restore the operating system without going through the iBoot boot manager. After this time, the side button will be released and the mode will be activated.
  • At this point you can restore your Apple Watch using an ipsw file, which you must have previously downloaded. From Apple 5×1 we recommend this page to download this file, which will allow you to restore to an earlier version of the operating system. Just select the Apple Watch and then choose the version of iOS you want and you will get an ipsw file to download

What guarantees do I have?

If you have completed all of these steps, your Apple Watch should be properly restored. While it is true that it is a somewhat expensive method due to the price of the iBUS adapter, it must also be said that is very reliable and no errors have been reported so far. As always, we advise you to bear in mind that nobody is responsible for any damage to your device, and in fact the user announces this at the beginning of their video, but we consider it fair to put on the table the fact that nobody has yet said that this method has failed or caused any problems.

And you, did you know this method of restoration for the Apple Watch? If you have any doubt about any part of the process do not hesitate to leave a comment and we will try to help you from Apple 5×1.

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