Kindle Unlimited arrives in Spain

The popular saying says, wise as only he can be, that knowledge has no place. He is probably more right than ever from this day on. Because now you have at your disposal the “flat rate” with more than 700,000 books of Kindle Unlimited .

The Amazon service, which Jeff Bezos introduced a few months ago and which has been operational in the United States for some time, is completely free for the first 30 days. After this first month, it costs 9.99 euros and is accessible from any Kindle device. And, of course, from all Amazon Kindle for iOS applications .

Kindle Unlimited arrives in Spain
Kindle Unlimited arrives in Spain

With Kindle Unlimited you can access more than 25,000 books in Spanish, best sellers of all genres in any language and also discover new authors and access the entire catalogue of exclusive Kindle digital books .

Thinking about its premiere in Spain, Amazon has prepared for Kindle Unlimited a selection of what they consider the best contemporary literature in Spanish, which includes works by Nobel Prize winners such as Gabriel García Márquez, Mario Vargas Llosa, Camilo José Cela and Pablo Neruda .

After taking a look at your catalogue on the web and trying out content synchronisation with my iPad, I am left with the feeling that is an interesting service, which works really well and still has a lot of room for improvement . It has a good catalogue, but it doesn’t include many of the great editorial features.

It is expected that, month by month, Amazon will expand it. I don’t want to say that it is bad, far from it, but it may lack some impact title that justifies the payment of the 9.99 euros . Anyway, I encourage you to try it and value it for yourself . Let’s see if publishers, certain authors and rights management entities once again realise that they have to change their business models to adapt to initiatives like this.

And it remains to be seen what Apple’s reaction to Amazon’s initiative is, as Kindle Unlimited is deployed in more countries and its level of acceptance is tested. We will keep an eye out.

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