Keep your driver’s license in the Apple Wallet

It is likely that soon, UK drivers will be able to carry their driving licence on their phone , more specifically in the iPhone Wallet application. This was made known by Oliver Morley, the CEO of the UK Driving Licence Agency, in a Twitter image showing a driving licence within the Wallet application.

Apple Pay arrived in the UK a year ago and has been full of new features ever since. Apple Wallet is currently used to store debit and credit card information as well as tickets and boarding passes, just like its predecessor Passbook.

Keep your driver’s license in the Apple Wallet
Keep your driver’s license in the Apple Wallet

In another tweet, Morley clarifies that it is only a prototype, so there is no estimated release date or anything like that yet . In addition, it indicates that this will not replace the physical document but will be an option that drivers can count on to store their data.

This development will be made possible by the change in UK laws on the issue of driving licences , which abolished the paper counterpart to the photocard last year.

If this becomes a reality, it will soon expand to the whole European Union and later to the United States and the rest of America, as it may become a great alternative for those who prefer to keep everything on their phone and not carry so many papers in their wallet . To give an example, Apple Pay recently made its integration with China, the most populated country in the world, so if it became a reality, it would not be strange that China was one of the main objectives of Apple.

In addition to this, if it is integrated into the iPhone, it will most likely soon be integrated into the Android Wallet , an application similar to Apple’s but for Android, which was renewed along with the Google Pay ad in last year’s Google IO.

It’s clear that the Apple Wallet is not just for storing your bank cards. As its name suggests, it is a wallet, so must integrate the storage of other types of documents, the typical ones we keep in our real wallet . Will we ever be able to store any type of legal cards and IDs? We’ll have to wait and see how this application evolves and how permissive it becomes with data manipulation.

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