iShows Games, keep a close eye on all your favorite games

iShows 2, la aplicación definitiva para tener control absoluto sobre todas tus series

A few years ago the App Store iShows TV came out, a complete application to keep track of all our favorite series . iShows TV integrates with and has a multitude of customization options, so it has become a favorite for many. After it, iShows Movies was launched, with a very similar idea and aesthetics but focusing on movies.

iShows Games, keep a close eye on all your favorite games
iShows Games, keep a close eye on all your favorite games

Now, it arrives at the App Store iShows Games, an ideal application to keep track of all the video games that we want to play, have played or liked . iShows Games has the same format as the previous two, and if you make a mess of all the video games you have pending, it’s your application.

Using iShows Games is easy. Just download the application and start looking for games you’re interested in. The app is divided into four sections that can be accessed from the bottom bar : to play, played, favourites and search.

  • To play: We found a list of all the games that we are interested in playing, that is, that we have pending. When we search for a game from the search engine and add it, it will be added directly here.
  • Played: Once we have finished a game by clicking on it we can add it to this section from “To play”.
  • Favorites: As the name implies, these are our favorite video games. To add a video game as a favorite, you have to hold down on it for a while and two options will appear: save as a favorite or delete.
  • Search: From here we can search for a video game not only among those we have in one of the lists but also among those available in the database to add them to the collection.

In addition to this, iShows Games has extensive customization capabilities , as do iShows TV and iShows Movies. From the settings you can modify the display of the library: by grid, by extended grid or by list. You can also switch between a dark and a light theme, to which you can change the highlights between 6 different colours.

The most interesting thing about iShows Games is the customization possibilities it offers

In short, iShows Games, despite having the same functionalities as iShows TV and iShows Movies, offers everything you need to keep a close eye on the video games you are interested in . The application is free, and can be downloaded from the App Store for use on your iPhone.

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