Is using the iPhone while charging good or bad?

We can look at many aspects of an iPhone, such as its price, cameras, design or internal memory. But if there’s one concern above all else in most cases, it’s the battery. We want it to last as long as possible without relying on chargers, but we also don’t want to stop using the device when it’s connected to power. That’s why in this post we’ll try to answer the eternal question of whether it’s bad to use the iPhone while it charges.

Should we use the iPhone when it’s charging?

Since the arrival of iOS 11 in 2017, there is a feature on the iPhone that is very useful to users. We’re talking about the ability to check battery health on the iPhone. This can be done from Settings>Battery>Battery Health . Here we find a percentage that indicates the status of the battery, and not the current battery level but the level of deterioration.

Is using the iPhone while charging good or bad?
Is using the iPhone while charging good or bad?

Keeping the percentage of battery health at good levels is something that can be achieved by taking care of it. By this we mean making good use of the device, either by calibrating the battery from time to time or by not letting the device ever reach the lowest battery levels before connecting it to the charger. In addition to always use a charger that has quality certification and is the iPhone itself, because with transformers like the MacBook is giving too high power to the device charge.

Another possibility is to perform a fast charge that although it is supported by the iPhone is not too advisable while we are using it. The fact of being managing a great amount of energy makes it end up heating up much faster. That is why if we are going to be using the iPhone is recommended to always charge to 5W, and make a quick charge only at specific times.

Beyond this, and focusing on the question at hand, we can say that using the iPhone while it is charging is neither good nor bad . It depends. And what does it depend on? Basically, it depends on the use of the device at that moment. If you are going to use the iPhone while it is charging to reply to a specific message there should be no problem. It all depends on the power level the device needs to perform the action.

Considerations for charging an iPhone while in use

If you’re going to watch a high-resolution video, edit photos and even play games, it’s not a good idea to keep the device connected to the power supply. The reason for this is that while you are performing that series of heavier actions, you are requiring processor power. This in normal circumstances makes the device a little bit hot in the back, but if we are also charging it, the heating is multiplied and this can end up affecting the health of the battery.

However, the iPhone will not explode or catch fire under any circumstances. If the battery and other parts are original, the device will be able to detect when it is overheating and will then turn off. This case could be more delicate if the phone is also equipped with a case, as this will store the heat and you will probably not even notice that it is heating up. This should not be the case, but don’t worry if it does, as the device can be switched back on once the temperature is restored.

Care where you use your iPhone

It is important to note that using your iPhone while charging at home or in the middle of the street with a Powerbank is not the same. There are many differences like temperature, because as we said before temperature is a big problem for the battery. Using the iPhone while watching a high quality video with an ambient temperature of 40º will obviously set off all the alarms on the iPhone, as it will heat up quickly to dangerous limits.

In conclusion we can say that you can use the iPhone when it charges without any problem but taking precautions that we have already seen. In other words, do not force the machine too much and try not to make it a common practice to use it while it charges. And if it happens that you notice that the device gets hot, leave it back on the table or the stand where you have it so that it can continue charging with the screen off.

And you, do you use the iPhone while you are charging it? Leave all your impressions in the comment box.

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