Is it time for Apple to appear at the MWC?

The MWC fair in Barcelona has just come to an end and the followers of the apple have not seen a trace of the company. This is something that should not surprise us, since since Cupertino decided years ago to abandon all the fairs and conferences outside the company. The end point was that Macworld in 2008, almost ten years ago and a year after the presentation of the original iPhone at that same “expo”.

But times are changing and Apple is a company well known for changing its mind. A few months ago, we saw how Apple appeared among the exhibitors at this year’s MWC . However, Miguel López made it clear to us that there was no trace of the company there. In spite of this, could we see the presence of Tim Cook’s team at this fair or any other? If so, what could we expect from an Apple presentation at this fair?

No new products: a strategic decision

Is it time for Apple to appear at the MWC?
Is it time for Apple to appear at the MWC?

I think we can all agree that Apple would never consider introducing an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV or any other type of product yet to come to market. Apple prefers to control all the details that surround one of its keynotes: location, capacity, installations, security and protagonism.

During one of these fairs, such as the MWC in Barcelona or the CES in Las Vegas, the journalists who attend them end up exhausted . They travel miles and miles of exhibitors, attend conferences and then run off to write their stories and edit the videos. I have never attended one of them, but my colleagues say that it ends up being stressful.

An Apple ad would be diluted under the tide of ads from the rest of the companies, when what they want in Cupertino is to give it maximum prominence

Attending an Apple conference, at the same time that other manufacturers are struggling to capture the attention of journalists, is not optimal. So, even though a new iPhone or iPad would be a great attention-getter, they would have to spend their scarce time on a new company and product .

The problem with these fairs is also strategic. Apple’s launch calendar has been oriented for years towards the Christmas campaign and presenting a product at the MWC would mean altering it. It is not so striking to renew a device a few months before Christmas as to do it nine or ten months in advance.

Despite this, there are some less eye-catching Apple products that could make themselves known at a fair like the MWC.

CarPlay, HomeKit and HealthKit, Apple’s “minor” platforms

When the list of MWC attendees was leaked in October last year and we saw how Apple could step into this conference for the first time, the first thing I thought about was what the company could present . I came up with three candidates:

    El MWC 2017 para Apple, o cómo LG ha anticipado lo que veremos en el próximo iPhone.

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    CarPlay, initially introduced as iOS in the car at the 2013 WWDC, was renamed CarPlay at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014. This means that Apple has also gone outside of its unwritten norm and gone to outside events to present products. The MWC is a fair that is very focused on the smartphone world, but there is room for new developments in the automobile.

  1. HomeKit saw the light at WWDC 2014 and has been moving forward in the shadow almost without us noticing. We recently analyzed an Elgato plug with HomeKit integration and saw that it was a promising product and platform. Just today, Apple was giving a tour of this platform’s website and I feel that this year the company is going to push it strongly in the market. The MWC would have been the perfect moment to show a HomeKit domotics house to the public.
  2. HealthKit was also announced at WWDC 2014, but it didn’t make sense until almost a year later when the Apple Watch came out. At WWDC 2015 they announced ResearchKit and last year we saw CareKit. Because it is so closely related to the watch, I find it more difficult to announce news at an event like the MWC.

Of course, this would not be an ad that would be on a par with a new iPhone, Mac or iPad. But it would mean a certain openness on the part of the company and would lighten the tight schedules that are handled in the main events. Remember that last year, Phil Schiller announced changes to the App Store just a few days before the WWDC . Will we see Apple on the ground in Barcelona at next year’s Mobile World Congress?

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