iPhone Leads in Japan Despite Drop in Sales

Lately we’re used to hearing bad news for Apple with their iPhones. The truth is that Cupertino’s company’s mobile devices, especially those for 2018, are not generating the revenues expected by the company. But now we have learned, as reported by Appleinsider with data from Canalys, that iPhones still lead in Japan and do so with a wide difference from their competitors.

The case of the iPhone in China is curious in that this country is being affected by different political measures and lawsuits from Qualcomm. However, and without leaving Asia, we find as in Japan the idyll with Apple phones seems not to end despite having lowered its sales.

iPhone Leads in Japan Despite Drop in Sales
iPhone Leads in Japan Despite Drop in Sales

Source: Canalys

As we see in the graph, Apple has lost 10.5% of its annual iPhone revenue for the last quarter of 2018. It is quite curious how the main brands in the country have suffered a drop in sales except for the South Korean Samsung which has managed to increase by 10.1%, almost what Apple has lost.

In a market where companies such as Huawei or Xiaomi are not yet at the top, Apple stands out as the sales leader with a 56% market share . A quite positive figure despite, as we have already mentioned, having lowered sales. The difference between the devices of the bitten apple with its main competitor in the Japanese country is abysmal and is that Sharp, the second in question, has a 9.8% market share.

According to reports the iPhone XR is expected to be the king of Japan in Q4 2018 with a representation of almost 40% of all iPhones. In other words, for every 5 iPhones sold in this country, 2 were an XR. Worse luck seems to be running iPhone XS and XS Max , which only managed to sell 1.4 million together . This is far less than what was achieved by its predecessor, the iPhone X.

It should be noted that the main reasons why Apple has not suffered too much is the average price drop to $744 compared to $794 in the previous year . The iPhone 6s has also ‘saved’ the company by increasing its sales thanks to a recruitment campaign by a local telephone operator.

What other reasons do you think that iPhone still leads in Japan? Tell us your impressions in the comments.

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