iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge The Best Mobile Cameras of the moment?

The camera on Apple’s iPhone 7 or Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge? Phone Arena

Are we looking at the best smartphones to capture those wonderful selfies for Instagram? What features do these cameras have in their hardware?

iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge The Best Mobile Cameras of the moment?
iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge The Best Mobile Cameras of the moment?

These are the big questions that assail us today in the technological landscape regarding smartphones. Apple and Samsung continue to capture more and more consumers in an increasingly saturated market.

Samsung has made great progress in improving the design of its smartphones. But, in addition, Samsung’s 12 MP camera is the fastest and is rated by many as the best in the world.

As for Apple, the company continues to strive to enhance the iSight cameras on its iPhone. The iPhone 7 brings the best camera of its smartphones to date , with a lens that captures much more illumination and the expected optical image stabilization.

Knowing all this, we will proceed with the analysis of the functionalities, specifications and news of the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge cameras.


iPhone 7 Galaxy S7 Edge Megapixel12 MP12 MPResolution4032 x 3024 pixels4032 x 3024 pixelsPixel size1.22 μm1.4 μmeAlcance focus and aperture28 mm. f1.826 mm. f1.7Focus and stabilizationAF detection and optical stabilizationDual Pixel AF and optical stabilization

Image Comparison

We continue with the comparison, then we will share the images of the photographs taken by the iPhone 7 (right) and the Galaxy S7 Edge (left) in each of the fields of photography that its features facilitate.

Outdoor lighting

Shades of green



The results speak for themselves. No doubt both chambers are brutal. But from the looks of it, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge delivers better results. However, we’re very curious to know how the big brother of the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus and its dual camera , will fare. What do you think? Do you think Apple will catch up with Samsung when it comes to smartphone camera hardware?


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