iPhone 6 would have an OLED screen

If there’s one thing that has set the iPhone apart from its competitors in the higher ranges, it’s its display technology. While other manufacturers have preferred to bet on AMOLED technology, Apple has wanted to squeeze IPS LCD screens to the limit of what the technology offers .

IPS technology is said to offer the most natural and realistic colour shades , while AMOLED screens give more contrasting and false colours, despite the pure blacks that IPS cannot achieve. However, the latest tests by DisplayMate left the iPhone 6 screen one step below that of the Galaxy Note 4.

iPhone 6 would have an OLED screen
iPhone 6 would have an OLED screen

This is an indication that OLED technology is sufficiently mature . From there, rumors began to emerge, where Foxconn was creating a new plant for Apple in which they had invested $2.6 billion, and it was leaked that it would be dedicated exclusively to OLED panels.

But of course, you have to take this rumor with a grain of salt, because the Apple Watch also has an OLED screen, so it would be possible for Apple to use this plant for this device , but this contradicts the latest reports where it was said that LG would be the manufacturer of the Apple Watch screen. However, we would like to see an OLED screen next year on the iPhone; and seeing how well the Californians calibrate their factory screens, we hope they don’t fall for the false and garish colors that Samsung gives to its screens.

OLED technology has numerous advantages over LCD, although it is more expensive to manufacture . Even so, let’s hope that this does not translate into an increase in the price of the iPhone for the end user.

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