iPhone 6 would come with a new dual-tone flash

It’s mid-August and this is becoming a veritable hotbed of rumors, reports, leaks, possible designs and release dates for the new version of the company’s flagship terminal of the bitten apple , the iPhone 6.

This time the filtration falls directly on the photographic section of the terminal , specifically on the flash of the camera. Since several weeks ago, all the models of the new device appeared with the hole where the flash is located, which is smaller than the one we have now and with a totally rounded shape . Doubts were raised about this as we didn’t know what this change was about, back to normal flash or a twist of the wrist?

iPhone 6 would come with a new dual-tone flash
iPhone 6 would come with a new dual-tone flash

It seems that this supposed filtered piece could give us the answer to our questions and the solution lies in the ingenuity of the workers of the company of the bitten apple , which could have lodged both tonalities in a much more reduced location and we would have again a totally rounded shape.

As we already know, the iPhone 5s currently has a flash smart that they called True Tone . It consists of a white LED and an amber LED that allows us to achieve a perfect white balance and thus obtain a representation of the color as faithful as possible, a balance between warm and cold colors.

In addition to this giant step forward in terms of its technology flash , you will be accompanied by a substantial improvement in the camera module, with a much larger sensor and who knows if we could see the arrival of optical stabilisation in our favourite devices.

After this, remember -once again- that is just rumors and leaks that may either be part of the future iPhone or simply become a fake of the many that circulate on the net. There’s less left for to see Tim Cook on stage presenting the long awaited new iPhone and of course we’ll tell you all about it live here, in Applesupportphonenumber .

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