iPhone 6 Will Be Faster, but It Could Also Be More Expensive

iPhone 6 will incorporate better but more expensive components

Recently we told you about some slides that Apple had shown during its trial with Samsungm, in which it analyzed the negative increase of the iPhone and the trend of the smartphone market in recent years. One of the causes of this drop in sales was that users were demanding phones with larger screens . Another was the price.

According to all the rumors, iPhone 6 will have a larger screen, approaching or matching the competition’s phones. Other rumors would point to a price drop to compete in the market with guarantees , although the price of an iPhone is an aspect that goes beyond the simple sum of cost+margin.

iPhone 6 Will Be Faster, but It Could Also Be More Expensive
iPhone 6 Will Be Faster, but It Could Also Be More Expensive

One of the latest speculations about the iPhone 6 speaks precisely of the cost of the elements that will form the future flagship of the Cupertino’s. As you know, it is being commented that will incorporate a faster processor, more RAM , a larger body, a larger screen with higher resolution and some other improvements, which are not exactly cheap.

In relation to memory and according to analyst Matt Margolis, Apple is trying to prepare its mobile devices to incorporate LPDDR4 DRAM memory that offers significant advantages over current memory , in terms of performance and consumption.

A similar type of memory manufactured by Elpida, and later absorbed by Micron, is present, according to technical studies, in several of today’s Apple devices, but with a lower technology, LPDDR3 DRAM. Some analysts claim that the memory LPDDR4 DRAM that will be included in future Apple devices is the best, smallest and most efficient memory in the world in mobile environments .

The type of memory will be LPDDR4 DRAMs marketed by Micron

Margolis defined the expected performance as follows :

Users who defend the thesis of an iPhone, and in general any cheaper Apple device, should take into account all these circumstances and think whether they would prefer to have less quality at a lower price or continue to bet on the reliability and quality provided by Apple .

As they tell us in ibtimes, Apple has not revealed anything about the technical specifications of the iPhone 6, but according to rumours it will have a powerful A8 processor, iOS 8 operating system and some improvements in the fingerprint sensor of the iPhone 5s.

Should Apple consider a reduction in the price of the iPhone 6 ?

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