iPhone 6 Plus, Too Big for the Pockets?

Does the iPhone 6 Plus fit in your pockets?

By now, we know for sure that Apple presented the new iPhones during the event that took place on September 9th at the Flint Center. The size of the new smartphones had already been leaked before, so all Apple did was officially confirm them: iPhone 6 with 4.7 and 6 Plus with 5.5 inches

Perhaps due to the size of the new iPhone 6 Plus, which is now available for purchase in the US, many users will find that their device may be too big for them. This could open up a debate or an unknowns about the size of Apple’s largest smartphone to date: will we be able to keep it in our pockets?

iPhone 6 Plus, Too Big for the Pockets?
iPhone 6 Plus, Too Big for the Pockets?

During the presentation event on September 9th, Apple did not allow (for security reasons) to keep the devices in their pockets in order to check the space they occupied. So the guys from Mashable had a great idea to be able to check it first hand: printed a 3D plastic block with the exact width, depth and height of the 6 Plus . In this way, they were able to check exactly how much space a device of this size would take up and how it would look in their pockets.

Being able to answer the question of whether the new iPhone 6 Plus fits in our pockets doesn’t end up being an easy task, since in the end doesn’t depend solely on the size of the device . Whether the trousers are more or less tight or whether the pockets are more or less big, are also factors that have to be taken into account.

A question of size… or taste?

As we can see in the video, the reactions and opinions are very varied about the new Apple smartphone , so we could also think that it is a matter of taste. Let’s remember that it has been the users who, in some way, have put pressure on Apple to end up entering the phablet market.

It’s always nice to be able to hear other people’s opinions, as in this case with the guys from Mashable, and watch videos that show us things in a more graphic way. Although I’m one of those who thinks that things are always better to check them out for yourself and remove your doubts by seeing things personally, something we’ll have the chance to do when the first units of the iPhone 6 Plus arrive in the shops in Spain at the end of September. Until then, we will have to keep on with the doubts.

Do you think the new iPhone 6 Plus is a device that will be easy to carry in our pockets or will it be uncomfortable? Share your opinion with us, we’d like to hear it.

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