iPhone 5 Camera Video Quality Analysis

Not only is iPhone 5 equipped with an iSight camera with 8-megapixel photo capability and f2.4 imaging, it can also record video at 1080p. The FaceTime camera has been upgraded and is now capable of recording at 720p. Of all the improvements in video recording on iPhone 5, the best is, without a doubt, the ability to take a picture while recording video .

Since iMore have been able to test the camera and have left us this video to check its quality. Let’s watch the video first and then analyze the quality of the camera.

Recording video with iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Camera Video Quality Analysis
iPhone 5 Camera Video Quality Analysis

One of the noticeable changes you’ll see when shooting video with iPhone 5 is that the user interface has been adjusted to accommodate the new 16:9 screen aspect ratio. The video you are recording will fill the screen completely and all the controls will appear as transparent buttons , so you can see everything that is being recorded. In video recording there are only three elements on the screen: the record button, the elapsed time and a new button for taking pictures.

Record video and take pictures at the same time

One of the amazing new features of iPhone 5 is the ability to record video and take photos at the same time. Just tap the camera icon during video recording. Shooting photos is really fast even while you’re recording video. As you can see in the video above, it is very easy to take pictures while recording a video.

Does that sound too good to be true? Well, there is one minor problem. The resolution of the photos you take while recording video will be lower than the resolution of the photos taken in photo mode. Specifically, photos taken with the camera will have a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels (aspect ratio 4:3), while photos taken while recording video will have a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels (aspect ratio 16:9).

The loss of resolution is actually almost negligible, a photo at 1920×1080 has resolution to spare for almost any use.

iPhone 5 front camera quality

Although the main iSight camera on iPhone 5 hasn’t received any major quality updates, the front camera has been greatly improved. For the first time, the FaceTime camera is capable of recording at 720p . It is not as good as the rear camera, but compared to its predecessor, the new FaceTime camera does a great job. We’ve all done tests to record with the front camera of the 4 or 4S and we’ve been able to see how bad the quality is. It’s not like that anymore.

Video recording in low light

One weak spot in the iPhone camera has always been low-light video recording. Unfortunately, but as expected, this is still the weak point of the iPhone 5 camera . Although in special situations, such as having only one candle lit, it can produce impressive results, if the interior lighting is low the video quality is greatly affected. You can record, but you can’t brag about the quality of the image.

The final result

The iPhone 5 has not received a big jump in quality over the 4S camera, but the 4S already recorded video at 1080p with very good results. The best thing about this camera is that it has the same quality as the 4S camera in a much thinner housing. In addition, the larger screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio improves the video recording experience. Although the rear camera of the 4S did not receive much improvement, there is no denying that the FaceTime camera in the 5 is light years away from the front camera of the 4S. Of all the changes, our favorite is definitely the ability to take pictures while recording video.

The iPhone 5 camera, according to the people at iMore , is simply the best portable video camera you can have .

What do you think? Do you think the quality of the camera is sufficient?

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