iPhone 11 Pro’s 4G speed could be up to 20% faster according to early tests


Sometimes, Apple does not show all the new features of its devices during a presentation. For a matter of time, there are details that may go unnoticed. The company did not report any improvement in the front of 4G connections of the new iPhone 11 Pro and, however, there are already preliminary tests that point to a discrete improvement in their speeds.

iPhone 11 Pro’s 4G speed could be up to 20% faster according to early tests
iPhone 11 Pro’s 4G speed could be up to 20% faster according to early tests

As shown in the tweet above, the SpeedSmart website has collected data on the download and upload speeds of both the iPhone XS and XS Max and the new iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The results were measured through this test app of speed installed on these terminals by their users and tested on the four major US operators, from August 9th to September 9th.

Each color represents one of the operators. The two lower bars correspond to the 2018 iPhone, while the upper ones are of the new generation. And within these two bars, the lower one is for upload speed and the upper one is for download speed. The results show the maximum speed in both situations with both generations, noting a small improvement (below the increments):

  • AT&T: down 13%; up 15%.
  • T-Mobile: down 16%; up 6%.
  • Sprint: down 14%; up 13%.
  • Verizon: down 20%; up 18%.

Without a doubt, the highlight is that all operators have experienced an improvement in the downhill and uphill speeds. Some even go up to 20% and 18% , as is the case of Verizon (it is noteworthy the “little” improvement in upload of T-Mobile). Apple does not specify if anything has changed in the modems of the new iPhone 11 Pro, but everything points in this direction.

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This improvement comes after a bitter dispute between Qualcomm and Apple . The Cupertino team sued the firm in charge of designing their modems in 2017 over a matter of royalties resolved in an out-of-court settlement a few months ago. iPhones had chosen to incorporate Intel modems during the fray and the new iPhone 11 Pro may now incorporate Qualcomm’s modems again.

In any case, we are not facing an increase like the one experienced with 5G technology . A 5G iPhone is not expected until next year at the earliest, although it could well arrive in 2021.


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