iPadizate Day App: UnBreak Magazine

The world of digital magazines for iPad has grown a lot in the last two years and today you can find a large number of them available. UnBreak has positioned itself as one of the best, and there is no lack of reasons for this. In fact, it has reached the highest score given by users in the App Store, 5 stars, and we have to point out that they are totally deserved.

UnBreak is an interactive magazine, full of multimedia content, which deals with very interesting current topics in many aspects of our daily life: technology, sports, history, cinema, apps and much more. All this arranged in a very elegant and tastefully designed publication. No wonder UnBreak is the leading magazine in 17 countries: Spain, Mexico, Paraguay, Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Panama, Dominican Republic and Honduras.

Enjoy a fresh, current magazine and you can also win an iPad Mini

iPadizate Day App: UnBreak Magazine
iPadizate Day App: UnBreak Magazine

The last three issues of UnBreak have enjoyed fantastic covers: Dani Martinez, Berto Romero and Steve Jobs. In the first two, the main character on the cover responds to a very interesting interview and in the Jobs issue you can enjoy a very special report and tribute to one of the most important personalities in history. You can also see incredible images of Berto playing a zombie… He likes it and is good at it.

In UnBreak you will find sections for all tastes: The Lista Box is one of the fixed ones and it will allow you to enjoy videos with an intelligent and sarcastic touch from the hands of real professionals. Do you know Loulogio yet? Unmissable! You shouldn’t miss the section that Enric Company does every month, UnBreak in live, assaulting everyone who passes by his microphone in search of answers that, sometimes, are a little complicated.

The movie theatre is also a very current topic and you will like to know what is going to be released soon. You can find out more about each film and even enjoy the trailer from your iPad. Don’t miss the preview of the second part of The Hunger Games, “On Fire”, in this latest issue. If you didn’t see the first one, there’s still time, but don’t worry, you can read the UnBreak report without fear.

With this magazine, you will be able to catch up on series and learn more about your favorites or get hooked on the one that Dani Rodriguez tells you about in his section. In the last issue you will enjoy a complete report on Homeland, a very powerful series. The previous issues were not far behind either, they talked about two other great ones: The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, two top series, very spectacular.

If you like sports you also have a space dedicated to it in UnBreak, but you will also learn a little more history thanks to the Sport Legends section. Every month you will find a great sportsman and in this month’s publication you will be able to know Eric Cantona’s story in depth, but you should not miss any of the previous reports, they are really good. Do you know Niki Lauda’s story?

UnBreak Magazine is more than a digital publication, it is a continuous source of current information, designed in a completely interactive way. You will be pleased to see how you will devour the magazine month by month.

UnBreak’s collaborators are of great quality and you will be able to enjoy great acquaintances like Victor Amela, Cálico Electrónico, Loulogio, I went to E.G.B and many more. Do not despair, the magazine is completely free , but there is a catch, you will have to wait a month between issues.

UnBreak draws an iPad Mini among its readers… Good!

There’s still time, download the latest issue and you can enter the draw for a great iPad Mini. We can’t tell you more, just that it will take you 5 minutes and you’ll have to download the magazine to know how to participate. We’ve already signed up!

Download UnBreak for iPad and iPad Mini

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