iPad Pro icon discovered in iOS 12 with reduced frames, no Home button, and no ‘notch

That the iPad Pro is awaiting its biggest redesign since it was first released is something we’ve long taken for granted. Now, even more evidence is accumulating about its appearance and functions thanks to an icon found by 9to5Mac in iOS 12. Accordingly, the new iPad Pro 2018 will see its reduced frames, rounded corners, and the disappearance of the Home button. That means we’ll have Face ID on the Apple tablet.

A new screen with Face ID and without ‘notch’

The icon found by Guilherme Rambo is the headline of this article, similar to the one found in the summer iOS 12 beta. According to the developer, this is the typical icon used in different parts of the system. Therefore, in order to be possible to see it in smaller sizes, the border of the icon needs to be thicker than it really is, as it was last year with the iPhone X.

iPad Pro icon discovered in iOS 12 with reduced frames, no Home button, and no ‘notch
iPad Pro icon discovered in iOS 12 with reduced frames, no Home button, and no ‘notch

There is also the possibility that the device has such a proportional frame, which would serve to hide the Face ID sensors without the need to create a peninsula or notch . What is clear is that the new iPad Pro would have rounded corners and no Home button.

At AppleThe latest iOS 12.1 beta reveals Face ID on the iPad Pro

This icon highlights that the arrangement of volume and power off buttons is the same as in current models. All iPhone with Face ID have them on both sides of the device, as the functions change slightly after the Home button disappears.

For example, the power off button is pressed once to lock, but holding it down invokes Siri . This also forces you to press one of the volume buttons to turn the terminal off. If this distribution is confirmed on the iPad Pro, Apple will have had to rearrange the functions of these buttons in a similar way to the last iPhones.

Learn more about the Apple Pencil 2

Tomorrow’s event is also expected to feature renewals of key iPad Pro accessories. Both the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard have remained unchanged over the past three years. No details are known about the new iPad Pro, although both Guilherme Rambo and Steve Troughton-Smith have found some traces of the Apple Pencil 2 :

In this exchange, both developers contribute interesting details to the discussion. The Apple Pencil 2 would have these features:

  • Accessory model B332.
  • You’ll have a button that would act as a “right button” on the iPad Pro.
  • They speculate that it could be used to display context menus and perform additional actions with gestures (tap, double tap, slide).

The addition of a button in the Apple Pencil 2 will depend largely on how it relates to the system software and what new possibilities the developers will have. We will surely see influential companies such as Adobe presenting their new video and photo editing programs on the new iPad Pro.

Apple will be present at tomorrow’s event, Tuesday October 30th in New York through our director Pedro Aznar. In the coming days we will inform you about how to enjoy the keynote with us.

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