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Can you imagine your life right now without Dropbox? This web service may be one of the fastest growing, in its style, by far. It’s also a free service, which has certainly helped it grow,…

iOS4 – Applesphere
iOS4 – Applesphere

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Eneko Knörr, CEO of Ideateca, gave the opening conference of the DevUp 2011 event organised by the company in Barcelona. In it, he presented some of Ideateca’s data, and then went on to explain his…

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I’ve been using PictureShow, a great photo-editing tool for iOS, for some time now. It’s one of the most comprehensive applications available for adding effects to our photos in a simple way. The best thing about this…

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If you were impressed this morning with Apple’s videos about the company’s new apps for the iPad 2 launch, you have some good news: both apps are now available on the App Store.

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Did you like the new features of iOS 4.3 such as Home Sharing or the Personal hotspot feature?

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From time to time Apple publishes job offers that let us know their intentions for the future: redesign of the Apple Store website, a television of their own, new official stores… but recently we have found…

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It’s been a while since Facebook made it clear that the iPad is not considered by them as a mobile device and therefore they won’t waste time developing a native application for it. In any case in iOS we have some…

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One of the biggest advantages introduced with iOS 4.3 is the possibility of sharing the Internet via Wifi, a functionality called personal hotspot and that in the new operating system will be integrated in the “Share…

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