iOS P0sixninja hacker leaves Chronic Dev Team

Joshua Hill , better known in the community as P0sixninja , is one of the masters of the famous iOS Jailbreak. Joshua has just announced on his Twitter account that he is leaving the Chronic Dev Team , a group of iOS hackers that he helped create a few years ago, and of which he was considered “the man on top” until now.

At the moment we don’t know the reasons why Joshua has decided to leave the team. A follow-up of the tweets from P0sixninja makes us think that could be because of an economic issue , but some sources say that it is a much more complex reason than that.

iOS P0sixninja hacker leaves Chronic Dev Team
iOS P0sixninja hacker leaves Chronic Dev Team

A few hours ago, Hill sent these two tweets to his followers:

P0sixninja has been instrumental in the development of jailbreak tools such as GreenPois0n and Absinthe . He is considered by many to be one of the greats in the Jailbreak community, with an impressive record of achievement.

We will have to see how this news affects the Jailbreak community and new developments. We do not know if it is a definitive goodbye or just a ” see you later “.

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