iOS 14 has a surprise for the emoji keyboard

Surely at some point we all wanted to avoid the manual search for that emoji we need at the right time, even the developers at Apple and with iOS 14 have shown this. According to what was presented at the WWDC20 and the first impressions of those who have tested the available iOS 14 beta, already the iPhone has available an option in the emoji keyboard that we all need.

As confirmed with the first iOS 14 beta, by touching the emoji button at the bottom left of the keyboard, there is a new search field above the emoji row similar to a slash to place the name of the emoji we want to use. Apple has also given additional information on their official site, describing the function as : “A new search field for the emoji keyboard allows you to search for the perfect emoji”

iOS 14 has a surprise for the emoji keyboard
iOS 14 has a surprise for the emoji keyboard

The operation of this field in the iOS emoji keyboard, locates a particular emoji with the keyword you type , such as “happy”. As a result, the search may return more than one option that matches the corresponding search text. But once found, you only have to touch the emoji to insert them in the text you are typing.

This new functionality will finally make up for the wait of users, who might see how for years macOS has offered a way to search for emoji in Messages and throughout the operating system via a keyboard shortcut, whereas iOS had no trickery to do so.

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Without a doubt, yesterday was a special day for Apple. Despite the global situation that prevented the realization of an event with a live audience, this not only offered an event to the height, but one that for many has surpassed previous events both in production, as in the surprises for users of all its devices.

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