iOS 11 will turn your iPad into a completely different tablet

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Last June, at WWDC 17, Apple presented its latest versions of iOS software, tvOS, watchOS and macOS. In the case of iOS 11 , we have seen all kinds of changes related to the App Store, the Control Center, the Dock, the Notification Center and much more.

iOS 11 will turn your iPad into a completely different tablet
iOS 11 will turn your iPad into a completely different tablet

iOS has been around for 10 years now, it’s hard to innovate after so many updates, yet the Bite Apple company has managed to provide iPhone and iPad users with all kinds of features.

In addition, iOS 11 is Apple’s most customizable mobile operating system . It seems that Cupertino’s firm has decided to take a risk with this firmware, bypassing many of its own limitations…

The iPad will have exclusive features in iOS 11

There’s a funny thing about this version of Apple’s mobile software related to its tablets, and that’s that iOS 11 has exclusive new features for the iPad.

In fact, if you use an iPad, when you install iOS 11 you may be a little confused and disoriented at first because it will work slightly differently.

Apple has changed the user experience of iOS 11 on the iPad by placing a strong emphasis on multitasking and the Dock. Everything will now be much more fluid and its elements are better connected to each other.

iOS 11 users on iPad can drag and drop photos, videos, text, and files from one application to another using Split View multitasking, and even to the Dock.

In addition, this renewed macOS-style dock will be visible many more times, thus allowing access to other applications in a more natural and efficient way . A clear example of this is the App Switcher, in which we can see the open apps, the Control Center and the Dock.

Your iPhone will also learn new tricks

But the Apple iPad is not the only tool that will change, the iPhone will also have new features. For example, the redesigned Control Center will provide shortcuts through 3D Touch functionality.

In addition, the Control Center is much more customizable, everything is displayed on one screen. Although in iOS 11 most of the changes are in the internal system , and it will be up to the developers to allow users to enjoy its full potential.


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