iOS 11 and a concept that incorporates amazing features

Jacek Zięba has created a new concept of what iOS 11 could be. The author shows it to us in a video of a few minutes duration, but very interesting.

This video is created by the author and through it he teaches us certain concepts about the possibilities that iOS 11 could include.

iOS 11 and a concept that incorporates amazing features
iOS 11 and a concept that incorporates amazing features

Next we will be shredding the video, to know each function.

Dark mode

Night mode

The first images shown in the video are those related to the dark mode. It’s quite interesting to be able to see native applications like Music, Mail or the settings menus in a dark color.

It’s not quite black, but it has used very dark shades of grey. Very comfortable for the eye, especially when facing dark places.


We could use the same iPad for several people with different users

Another feature that is really interesting and useful would be the possibility of having several user accounts on the same device . Many people share the same iPad among more than one user.

The way to activate it would be very simple. Simply slide up the lock screen to display the users configured on the device.

An iPhone is something more personal, although a children’s mode would not be badly thought out.

Enhanced Siri Assistance

Siri Assistance Enhancements

Siri would also be improved in helping us make our lives more comfortable. On the screen where we place our widgets we would add functions dedicated to traffic, sport results, direct access to wallet , etc.

Group FaceTime

Group FaceTime. A very desirable option for many

One of the features that iOS users would undoubtedly like the most would be the group call via FaceTime.

Something that has always been discussed in my group of friends has been the possibility to stop using other apps for this type of calls as soon as it was available on FaceTime.

Multimedia functions

Different options for multimedia control

When we are watching a video on our iPhone or iPad, we often miss the fact that we can block screen rotation or control the volume in a less invasive way on the screen.

I’ll explain. The sign that jumps every time we turn the volume up or down is very annoying because it covers the image. This way, with a bar at the top – very much like Youtube – it would be better.


SplitView on our iPhone?

Something that would also be interesting would be to be able to use the SplitView or split screen function that we have on the iPad or Mac. Although I find it less useful, it can be useful in certain occasions when we have to be visualizing a video at the same time that we read something in Safari, for example.

Remove 3D Touch Cache and Functionality

A more convenient way to delete data and cache

A very convenient option would be to be able to delete the data, as well as the cache, from our device directly from the settings menu.

Equally convenient would be to be able to use the 3D Touch technology from the control center, being able to change our WiFi connection in a faster way.

Just below you can watch the video to learn more about all these features of iOS 11 created by the author of the video.

Which of these features would you like Apple to implement in iOS 11? Leave your choice in the comments.

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