iOS 10 Enables Online Streaming of Gameplays via ReplayKit


With iOS 10, Apple introduces ReplayKit Streaming , a new feature that allows online streaming of your device’s screen.

iOS 10 Enables Online Streaming of Gameplays via ReplayKit
iOS 10 Enables Online Streaming of Gameplays via ReplayKit

And what is streaming? For those not familiar with the term, it is a streaming of content over the Internet that gives third parties the option of viewing a video in real time from, in this case, the iPhoneiPad screen.

During the State of the Union Platforms session at WWDC, Apple revealed ReplayKit Live Streaming, with this new feature users will be able to stream content such as gameplays, tutorials, etc, while using the device’s microphone and front camera to add comments to the stream.

In addition to the announcement of new iOS 10 functionality, Apple also offers support for ReplayKit APIs with Apple TV games.

“ReplayKit is an easy-to-use framework that allows players to share recordings of their gameplays or broadcast live games to other players and viewers. Online streaming can help create a community and create new fans for your apps and games. Check out the APIs for iPhone and iPad microphone and front camera commentary and check out ReplayKit’s new support for Apple TV.

Applications that implement this feature can retransmit online to services compatible with the extension . In the demo, Apple used a gameplays extension of the Mobcrush platform to broadcast the Olympus Rising game live.

Apple made sure that adding these services requires a few lines of code for developers using ReplayKit. The function can be really useful for tutorials as well as gameplays , and Apple has implemented ReplayKit in its new Swift Playgrounds.


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