Interview with Kevin Lynch in Wired

The creation of the Apple Watch has been surrounded by mystery and secrecy from practically the first moment it was seriously thought of. At Applesupportphonenumber, we’ve been able to echo, for example, how it was experimented with in secret Apple labs where engineers and other company employees would test it, or how some developers had access to the Apple Watch in order to develop their applications.

The above is only the tip of the iceberg of everything we do not know about the Apple Watch , although each time, and based on new interviews and information, we are discovering more data about it and how the idea of creating an intelligent watch was conceived. Wired’s interview with Kevin Lynch, Apple’s Vice President of Technology, has contributed to this, revealing many details, which until now were a mystery, about the creation of the Apple Watch .

Interview with Kevin Lynch in Wired
Interview with Kevin Lynch in Wired

Firstly, Kevin Lynch tells us in the interview about his recruitment and how he had no idea about the project where he was going to work. Once he knew that it was a smart watch, he reflects on the idea that Apple had already revolutionized the market with the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad and that his responsibility was paramount, because the Apple Watch was destined to be the fourth device to succeed and change the lives of users , with the difference that this time Steve Jobs would not be in charge of leading the project .

The concept of the Apple Watch that has finally triumphed flourished during the development of iOS 7 , which was a revolution for the company, according to Lynch. Lynch also says that one of the goals of creating a device like the Apple Watch was to give people back what mobile phones were taking away from them due to continuous notifications and so on, uninterrupted contact with the people around them . To do this, the software was refined to such an extent that it was possible to perform actions on the notifications we received in just a few seconds , removing whatever wastes more time.

The customization options , such as the different straps and screen size, were also of great importance from the beginning of the project . Unlike the other devices, the designers considered that in products like the watch, customization is key, and therefore the standard followed by Apple to date had to be changed. Lynch also says that the combination of screen sizes, straps made of different materials and the ability to switch between different covers makes numerous combinations possible for Apple Watch users .

To finish this complete and interesting interview in Wired, Lynch makes a reference to the way the Apple Watch has changed his life , which is what Apple pretends every time he designs one of his devices. Lynch says that now, he can be aware of his messages, notifications and so on and that he does not have to stop paying attention to the people around him and in particular to his family.

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