inkCase i7, e-ink screen case for iPhone 7

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Remember the Yota Phone? This Russian terminal offers an electronic ink screen on its back and those who are familiar with this technology already know about its advantages: information is always available with hardly any energy consumption and what to say about the reading experience. Well, Oaxis has presented to the world inkCase i7, a case with e-ink screen for the iPhone 7 .

inkCase i7, e-ink screen case for iPhone 7
inkCase i7, e-ink screen case for iPhone 7

This product is an evolution of the previous versions of which we have already referred to in these lines, and there is no doubt that it will attract the attention of avid readers of electronic books , who will be able to spend hours and hours without rest with this product.

The inkCase i7 is a rubber case that has the aforementioned electronic ink screen on its back, and thanks to an application, it displays the information we configure through it. As you know, the main advantages of the e-ink screens are their very low battery consumption and that they can be read perfectly under direct sunlight, making them ideal for the most demanding readers.

This accessory connects to iPhone 7 via Bluetooth 4.0 and can be booked starting tomorrow for $99. The first units are expected to go on sale in November . The case is charged via a proprietary magnetic connector and yes, it is weatherproof.


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