IINA for MacOS is a modern video player perfect as an alternative to VLC

One of the first apps I always install on my Macs is VLC. This video player is already a classic among many users of both MacOS and Windows. It is because the default one doesn’t support all kinds of videos, VLC does and it always works. That doesn’t mean that it is perfect, it has an interface that is stuck a lustrum backwards and adds new features to eyedroppers. IINA, a new player, supplies all these needs .

A new player that has just reached its first stable version. It is free and is intended for users of macOS and current versions of the operating system. In short: a modern VLC. While some players work well but lack design and others have an incredible design but fail to work, IINA has both.

IINA for MacOS is a modern video player perfect as an alternative to VLC
IINA for MacOS is a modern video player perfect as an alternative to VLC

IINA in light mode and dark mode.

As indicated on their official website:

On AppleThese macOS apps have already been updated to Mojave macOS, its dark mode and the rest of the features

The first time I was told about IINA I was a little skeptical. I thought I didn’t need a new player with VLC. I have to say that after a few days of use, it is worth making the change . Why? It has a number of features that make you keep it:

  • PiP mode: That is, picture in picture. This allows us to open a floating and persistent window of the video so that we can scroll through macOS while the video is still playing in one corner of the computer.

PiP mode in IINA.

  • Dark mode: Essential in a video app where we don’t want the rest of the interface to stand out more than the video itself. But above all essential in Moajve macOS, which one of its main features is the dark mode.
  • Customizable: The interface, functions and the way we want the content to be played are all customizable. Small details like the format of the window and the language of the subtitles or more basic things like where we want the playbar to be located for example.

IINA settings

  • Touch Bar and gestures for trackpad and mouse: Part of the advantages of a modern player is its support for modern functions. IINA supports the Touch Bar, keyboard play buttons and trackpad and mouse gestures.
  • Automatic subtitle search: Essential for many users, to be able to automatically have subtitles for series and movies that are in another language. IINA finds them at the moment in Internet and adds them to the video, in the language that we specify.
  • Local, streaming and YouTube playback: In addition to video files from our computer, IINA can also play videos that are on the Internet or streaming, just specify the URL where they are located. The same for YouTube playlists.

IINA plays local, YouTube or Internet streaming content.

  • Open source: This is a project that is in continuous development and therefore will implement new functions whenever possible. For this purpose the project is open source and of course, it is a free app.


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If you want to give it a try just go to the official IINA website and download the application for macOS. This is a free app that we will certainly have to follow closely in the coming years.

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