If you have an Apple TV, you can watch the keynote

Apple special event, June 10, 2013

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If you have an Apple TV, you can watch the keynote
If you have an Apple TV, you can watch the keynote

During these last hours Apple has decided to update the Apple TVs by offering them a new application. This application will allow Apple TV users to follow the live broadcast of the opening keynote of this year’s developer conference. With just a few hours to go, we are ready and we bring you a review of everything seen so far.

It is confirmed, Apple will broadcast the keynote live via a website it has made available to us. A few hours before the start of this year’s Apple developer event, Cupertino’s company has also launched a new application for Apple TV. And as you can imagine, what this application does is offer us the live broadcast of this afternoon’s inaugural keynote .

This is not the first time that the multinational from California has done this , in previous events they also offered live broadcast of the keynote on Apple TV and through the official website.

To prepare and warm up the wheels let’s review what we know so far . First of all, I recommend that you take a look at our special on WWDC 2013, especially the videos we’ve made about or that we hope to see this afternoon, which you can find on our YouTube channel. You can also see what the editors of Applesupportphonenumber think about this year’s event.

Let’s not forget either the rumor about a possible music service in streaming that Apple is preparing, according to the latest news, they have already reached an agreement with Sony. And as a curiosity we leave you with a website where you can try out a very interesting concept of iOS 7 .

Don’t forget that in a few hours, specifically at 18:30 we’ll start live coverage of the keynote -in case you don’t have an Apple TV- and we’ll be doing an in-depth analysis of all the products and news that Apple will be showing us this afternoon. Ah, and we’re on Twitter too.


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