iCleaner, Your iPad and iPhone Always Clean (Cydia)

It’s quite common for us to download and install a lot of applications on our mobile devices as some of them can be very useful depending on the approach we want to take. Many of them can help us at work, in our studies, in our daily life or even in our free time, but there are several factors to take into account when installing applications.

The first and most important is that a large majority of them are presented to us in a free format, so a mass download and installation of them is no exaggeration and the trend, unfortunately, is the more we have, the better.

iCleaner, Your iPad and iPhone Always Clean (Cydia)
iCleaner, Your iPad and iPhone Always Clean (Cydia)

The second point to bear in mind is the space occupied by each and every one of them and that’s what we want to talk about today on iPadizate. The more applications we have installed, the less space we have left on our device and it gets even worse if it is a base device with 16 GB of storage.

iCleaner is a Cydia tweak that has the main function of cleaning all the free space of our device in order to protect our private information in a fast and secure way. Whether they are .log files (very common in updates and installations), cookies, cache or temporary files, iCleaner will remove any trace that we may have generated while browsing with our iPad or iPhone, which is very useful if, for example, we want to sell our gadget.

The installation and operation of iCleaner is simple , once we are in Cydia, we simply have to go to the “search” section and write “iCleaner”. Once the application icon appears click on “install”. We’ll go back to the application’s panel and wait for it to finish installing. In iPadizate we have already explained how to perform Jailbreak in your iOS 8.4 device if you have it updated in its last version.

Once the installation of our App is finished, we will click on it and a configurable menu will appear on the screen where we can choose which type of files to delete and which not, that is, we will delete everything we want under our responsibility without anything being executed automatically.

By pressing the “Clean” button we can see how our application will proceed to clean our device in the form of a progressive bar. Once it has finished, our iPad or iPhone will perform a “Respring” not without first notifying us how much space will be released after running the application.

Advanced Setup for More Cleaning

In the lower part of the screen we will have at our disposal two more buttons, which are dedicated to the configuration and advanced settings section. The truth is that they are very useful but as we said before the whole procedure is under your full responsibility so if you don’t have very advanced knowledge or simply don’t know what you are playing we recommend that you do a simple and basic cleaning or do any other type of cleaning on your device.

As you can see, it’s all very simple. iCleaner is designed to make it easier for us to deal with problems that we didn’t have before we had electronic devices and that are usually quite common. It is highly recommended if you have the latest Jailbreak update on your device and especially if you have never done any kind of cleaning on it.

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