iCleaner Pro – Free up space on your iPad or iPhone with Jailbreak

iCleaner Pro comes totally redesigned and adapted to iOS 7

Today the iOS App Store is filled with hundreds of thousands of applications of all kinds, but there are always a number of them that we usually find on most users’ iOS devices. Social networks, instant messaging, photo editing applications, etc., to which we have to add a large number of applications and tweaks that we can get through Cydia, among which we find iCleaner Pro, an application for iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone that many users consider a must have.

Although not all users will be able to have it, since it is a tweak for devices with Jailbreak, which allows us to delete all those files that are unnecessary and that occupy memory in our iDevice . When we delete these files we not only free up space occupied by things we don’t use, but it also allows the device to run faster and smoother.

iCleaner Pro – Free up space on your iPad or iPhone with Jailbreak
iCleaner Pro – Free up space on your iPad or iPhone with Jailbreak

A few weeks ago, the new version 7.1 was released, already adapted to the new design of iOS 7 which has been with us for a few months. But not only that, we have also seen how has improved its performance and operation compared to the latest version of Apple’s operating system.

What content does iCleaner Pro remove?

Well, the tweak iCleaner Pro developed by Ivano Bilenchi, what it does is remove all that content that has to do with files we receive through instant messaging applications, games, Cydia’s cache, temporary files, App Store cache, browsing history and Safari cookies, etc., that is, content that we may not want to have on our devices.

iCleaner Pro works in a very simple yet effective way . This tweak automatically detects the most popular and user-used applications such as Dolphin, Google Maps, FlipBoard, Instagram, Spotify, or social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, which we use almost daily and performs the most thorough cleaning possible . Of course, it also gives us the option to choose ourselves which files and applications we want to clean up.

You have to be careful

However, not everything is a bed of roses and we shouldn’t start deleting files lightly to free up as much space as possible. iCleaner Pro in itself doesn’t have to cause any damage, but if it’s not done with a minimum of knowledge it can lead to some danger. As they say on the iClarified website there is also a dangerous part in this matter and that is that we can accidentally delete files that we shouldn’t, which will lead us to have to restore the device, so it is recommended to make a backup beforehand so as not to lose anything.

Finally, say that iCleaner is available for free through BigBoss, while iCleaner Pro, which is also free, is downloaded from the developers’ repository.

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